Resources, Community and a Judgement Free Zone! A podcast created to bring together parents and individuals in the special needs/disability community and give them a safe space to chat and find new resources in a judgement-free zone.

Hi, We’re Kristin & Edward Gagnon, we’re the Creator’s at Special About Special, parents need a space to get together and speak plainly about their daily accomplishments, struggles and just everyday adventures of the ever-evolving "special" world while having a chance to also get education and resources. Why not have a place to speak with experts in the field, other parents and share our experience and be as uncensored as we would if we were just out having drinks! Special About Special solves this problem by providing a solution that:

  1. Gives us a safe space to learn and discuss freely
  2. Helps us reach ALL individuals, those with children with diagnoses or not.

We are parents of 2 children with special needs/disabilities and have immersed ourselves in this world in order to educate ourselves and our children. We spend a lot of time networking with other parents to get to know what other resources are out there for all children and try to help friends when possible.