Oct. 11, 2020

14. Liza Huber | A "Passion" for Healthy Eating...

14. Liza Huber | A "Passion" for Healthy Eating...

This week we spoke with Liza Huber, Founder, and CEO of Sage Spoonfuls, an award-winning cookbook author, a warrior momma, and actress. Liza wears many hats and does a fantastic job balancing them all. She spoke with us about how she became an entrepreneur after leaving her role in the daytime drama Passions and Eddie blew up my spot right off the bat by giving away that I was a big fan of the show in my high school years! We also used Sage Spoonfuls products with our kiddos to help make healthy eating habits a must in our house so they get the A+ approval from us and the kids! Creating Sage Spoonfuls gave Liza the freedom to be the best advocate for her son and family. Check out this awesome episode to heart more and check out the link below to grab snag some of her great products!


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