Aug. 9, 2020

Special About Special Minisode #1

Welcome to our first minisode. Where we'll be discussing a variety of topics, most importantly a more personal look into our lives and a chance to discuss previous episodes and hot topics. These will be shorter episodes without guests and a more intimate opportunity to share with you our listeners.


Welcome listeners to our very first many. So dude, for real, these are going be, uh, some mini sales we're going to be doing with a variety of topics. Most importantly, we're going to have a personal look into our lives, and this will give us a chance to discuss previous episodes and others hot topics.

[00:00:21] These will be shorter episodes, kind of like a snack size. The Snickers bar without a guest in a more intimate look and opportunity to share with our listeners. We'll, we'll be back to a regular size snicker bar episode next week. So please enjoy this episode and as always share with a friend. Loosen gentlemen,

All right, so to kick off this very first mini-sode, um, I think we should talk about why we started. Um, and to be honest, uh, I think that question goes directly to you, Kristen, on, you know, um, why, why did you start this?

[00:01:48] I mean, we kind of started it together, but I guess I kicked it off to say, Oh yeah, yeah. Did all the, you did all the work. I'm just a pretty face. I'm a soothing voice. I'm all the brains. And you're the Bron. Yeah, there you go. Perfect. So I think I would say I got it started because I really, with our kids, especially at a.

[00:02:15] And being a part of this community, saw a need for myself to just be a part of something. And I really wanted to make a difference and we were looking for resources in the community and here and there, we were reaching out to different. Outlets and looking for things and I would find a resource and then tell someone else about that resource.

[00:02:36] And it became like, almost like a phone tree of sorts. And so I think we thought, I thought, how else can I do this on a big, your scale where I can reach out to people on a larger scale? Yeah, exactly. And even if we don't become huge, I think I just felt like I needed to do something on some level where we could reach out to people.

[00:03:00] So. Well, I mean, and so in that, you know, that feeling of that need to do that, like where does that drive come from? Where does that motivation come from? I don't know. I think I always like, I can't sit still and I'm always trying to take on the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. So they could just came from that.

[00:03:20] Like I saw a need. And there were, I listened to a lot of podcasts and there weren't a pod there. I couldn't find a podcast out there that fit this little, this little bubble of what we kind of talked about doing for a long time. And so I just thought, well, why don't we just try to do it and see if we can make that happen.

[00:03:42] It just seemed like something we could do. So, yeah. Yeah. Okay. And so, I mean, And all of that and taking that and encompassing it in, like, what does this mean to you? I think for me it means reaching a community in whatever aspect or way that that means to help. And I think that's such a small word, but it can mean it can mean a big word at the same time.

[00:04:13] Like, you know, I want to help. Right. Every, you know, everyone that we can help in this way. So we that's, that's another reason why we try to interview such a big variety of different people. Um, you know, we're not in one, you know, we're not working with just autism. We're not working with just, you know, spina bifida.

[00:04:29] We're not working in just one little. Area. We want to talk to anyone and everyone that has a resource, whether that's mental health, whether that's, you know, physical disabilities, whether that's a resource that they're creating something, or they're just in politics or they're in the medical community, we want to speak to everyone we can because something is a resource for somebody.

[00:04:50] Um, and it, it means a lot in that way because we. Really it, to me, it means a lot. Cause I just want to help everybody in that way and just get those resources out to as many people as possible. Yeah. How come, how about you? Why did you get involved with me? Cause I mean, I could have, I could have gotten a partner in, you know, maybe another, a mother or another parent in this community.

[00:05:17] Why did you jump on board? Um, well, yeah. All right. I mean, working with me, can't be easy. It's not. And I mean, if I was able to be completely honest with myself, um, you know, just the vanity, um, honestly the publicity, I like to hear myself talk. No, I I've gotten involved because you know, it's the same thing.

[00:05:46] We're in this, we're in this together. Um, and I want to support you wholeheartedly. So in that, like, I'm like, well, what can I do? Um, even though I'm not the best at it when it comes to like editing on time and all that stuff, but it's, you know, I wanted to take this trip with you because, you know, I wanted to be a part of it.

[00:06:09] I get jealous on how great you are with all this stuff. So I want to be able to. Contribute. Even when, sometimes I'm like treat you like a boss, like I'm like the boss and I'm like yelling at you and telling you what you need to get done for the podcast. Kristen, we shouldn't be talking about why is important to you.

[00:06:31] It'd be kind of, I guess you kind of said that, but like, what does it mean to you to be a part of. Uh, this podcast, uh, parent even, well, I mean, well, I mean, not as a parent, um, I like to brag about it to my friends and stuff. Um, cause it's pretty cool. We have a podcast and that's like, you know, my, my friends are down with technology and stuff and they're like all podcast, man.

[00:06:55] That's cool. So, uh, that's, that's one part, um, as a parent, um, As a parent, I hope that in the future, the kids will see this and appreciate that, um, that we're doing this not really. And they can do a small amount of poking fun. I will allow a small amount, but in. In the grand scheme of things. I do hope that they appreciate this little, this thing that we're doing, because I mean, I say it's a little now, but I do hope that we, you know, get huge.

[00:07:32] I mean, we're going to be so huge. It's going to be insane. So. In the future when we're huge, remember this folks, um, you know, I just hope the kids really appreciate all the hard work and stuff that we put into it. I mean, we see it so differently. Do you see this every time we talk about the podcast, you talk about it as like a, I mean, for lack of a better word, like this is like fun project.

[00:07:58] Like we're making a CD album, like. You're like, Oh, I'm making this album. Oh, which will be dropping in like three months. Uh, check it out. It's called the EEG LP. Um, I do have, uh, some six singles on there. Got like, you're doing, I feel like you're doing, like, you talk about it in a way. That's like, not like vanity, you know, like, it's like, it's this fun thing.

[00:08:21] It's the project. And like, which is, I'm glad you do, because I never think about it in a. In a way that's like sturdy that way. Like we're doing a podcast and we're doing this one thing. So when we market it, I never talk about it that way. And I'm always like getting out the advocacy side. Right. So I push the advocacy side, which sometimes doesn't necessarily benefit us in our show.

[00:08:46] No. Which, but without that, but without the advocacy side, we're not doing what we set out to do. Right. So I think we have to have a happy medium. So it actually works out. I feel like if I had a different partner in this, I probably would have reached out to someone in the same advocacy world. And that's all we would be right.

[00:09:05] Is you guys would be just constantly, it would probably hit a wall by now. Yeah, I think so. Well, I guess we'll see what happens. I mean, all the honestly, like. Yeah. I feel like one of my greatest contributing factors, one of my best contribution. Good job. That's the stuff we don't get to do in the regular episodes is no one gets to hear how many times I correct you.

[00:09:30] Cause we edit all that out. I know. Um, and I'm not going to edit like this episode cause we get, I get it on the fly. Um, but. So, like, I feel like my contributions are just like my silly wouldn't knit wideness, but also like the, the out of the box thinking like, because that's what, when we do interview people that are in the same community and stuff, um, And just like you, you know, you guys haven't golfed yourselves and not saying I haven't had a golf myself, but I'm pretty like open-minded, but also like super ignorant.

[00:10:04] So it's like, I can think outside the box because I'm not thinking of those things specifically. Well, I think the other thing is like that people don't necessarily realize when they listen to the episodes. Well, I don't know if they do, but I, I can imagine it probably comes off this way that you were a lot quieter during our episodes.

[00:10:27] Then, if someone knows you, then you necessarily are in her life, but it's not because you don't have really great questions earlier. Things to offer or ask is that we have a very limited timeframe where we're interviewing people for over an hour, that we're talking with them and you do ask a lot.

[00:10:47] Sometimes it doesn't make it into the episode, but we. I'm living in this advocacy world a little bit more than you are, and you, a lot of the time I'll look over and you're so enthralled in our guests and listening to our guests. But I have to like nudge you to get you to like interact with the guests because this isn't, this isn't visual.

[00:11:12] So our listeners can't see you. So you're like nodding a lot and like really interacting, but it's not verbal. So I'm like having to like nudge you sometimes and be like, do you have something you want to ask? Are you in you still here? Like, but you're fully engulfed in what they have to say, because we've had so many guests that are spectacular.

[00:11:32] They're so spectacular. They have so much to say. Well, speaking on that, like in some of the amazing, amazing guests we've had. You know, who really stands out for you for that in particular, that like, you've just kind of felt like you've just. Oh, well, I mean, and not interact or like really just got caught.

[00:11:58] You stands out. Okay. Uh, who stands out, who stands out? Uh, well, so many that's, that's kind of the thing is so many episodes stand out. Um, so, uh, you know, let's okay. Let's not this, this is not a favorite. They're all our favorite thing. But my favorite episode was with no, um, but, uh, Tiana, Tiana digs. Um, I think that one was, uh, amazing.

[00:12:31] Um, it was like a therapy session for us. Yeah. That was one of. In my opinion, that was like one of the best episodes, um, for me as far as, uh, cause I compare on many levels, which is like the editing capability. Um, so it was very easy to edit. Um, she, as a guest was so. So warm and inviting, like I said, that's a funny word because she was on art, but she wasn't inviting, like, it's almost like she interviewed us.

[00:13:06] Yeah. Yeah. Um, so that was, that was spectacular. So the, the way the conversation and stuff like organically worked out was wicked awesome. Wicked, wicked OSM. That was a real, that was a robot. That was a real boss. Um, but then also, um, one of the best things that resonated with me. Um, and correct me if I'm wrong, dude, but I think that you did use it as the, uh, one of the soundbites too.

[00:13:36] Um, but it was the, you know, don't be afraid to ask for help. There was one of the conversations and that was kind of like one of her points of advice that she gave. And I think that was. It w you know, whatever, that was one of my favorite, uh, interviewees. Well, I think that, like, it was so important when she said that it was because it stands for literally anybody on any path.

[00:14:06] Like, yeah, she was speaking specifically as a special needs parent and in the, you know, post partum, baby, whatever kind of world you want to look at it, but. Really that's it stood out. So, and it resonated so much because it falls for anybody so much, especially nowadays when we live in our little bubble of, yeah.

[00:14:31] On social media, we act like we're all together, but really we're in our own little worlds. It's really easy not to reach out on a real personal level, not on an actual personal level and say, I need help right now. Right. You know, I'm going through something and it might feel small. To someone else, but it's big to me, so I need, I need to reach out for something.

[00:14:54] And so when she said that, it kind of just really made sense where it's like, this is important for everyone to hear. Yeah, I think that's for sure. Absolutely. Yeah. So, uh, but who, uh, who was yours? I mean, I know we haven't done a ton, a ton of guests up to this point. I feel like they all have stood out.

[00:15:18] Yeah.

[00:15:22] For me, everybody gets participation trophies. Yeah. Every me in a different way. I will say like the one I was the most excited about ahead of time was Mindy Scheier because for so long, You know, her Ted talk, everything. I was really pumped, I will say next week's guest. That is the one that I was like, I ha I feel like we met a celebrity, just one.

[00:15:52] Oh, shit. Next week's guest next week. Just want to tell everybody it's gone up by far. That was like, that was like meeting that was like meeting a celebrity. That was meeting a slip

[00:16:08] big guests they get. And so that was exciting for me because I felt like we were very new and for her to say yes, and take a chance on us before we really had any episodes on the air. Um, that was, that was a big deal. So for me, that meant a lot, but also because what she started and created. In our household was important, you know, her that clothing line and being able to go out and purchase adaptive clothing for Eddy at the same time that he was wearing braces and couldn't get jeans over those braces and to be able to go buy adaptive clothing.

[00:16:45] That's how I first heard about her. So like that whole connection in our household was really important because this wasn't just like a, somebody that we just found and learned a new resource. This was a resource that like, We had in our household. So that was kind of exciting. Um, you know, she said something that really stood out.

[00:17:03] I think when she was like, clothes really do affect people's confidence. If that's something you think about every day, but really everybody, the clue you get up in the morning and you put clothes on your body and you're not doing it with your eyes closed. You're not just picking whatever comes out of your door.

[00:17:19] You're putting on something because it's what he love. Then maybe it's the texture of it, the feel of it, the look of it, the colors. And so clothes really do affect your confidence. It's how you feel in it. And they're making, you know, target and all of these, you know, Tommy Hilfiger, cat, and Jack, and she's helping these brands create clothing that.

[00:17:41] Are doing just that. If you have a texture issue, if you can't put specifically on she's helping these brands find clothing that can give people the confidence that they need. So that was for me the biggest, I will say that with that being said, though, I was the most surprised that I felt like in love with a guest, which was Lauren Beasley.

[00:18:03] Like we didn't from move inclusive. I Oh, she was, yeah, she was awesome. Yeah. We, we like connected on a different level with her, where we were like, Oh my gosh, we could like, hang out with her and go out for drinks. Yeah. Like talking to her, that was like a fun episode. Super awesome. And it was really cool to talk to somebody who isn't from this community.

[00:18:27] That was like the first guest we talked to that wasn't from the disability community, but found their calling in this community. And so it was really awesome to talk to somebody who was like, listen, I want to make a difference in this community up until now. Every parent we've talked to every. Everyone would have to, they're making a difference to this community because of their connection to it.

[00:18:48] She made a difference. She's making this massive difference in this community because she just feels the need to do that. And that's what those are the people we need. Those are the people that, you know, our, our, our children need for, for sure. Right? Yeah. She was awesome. Yeah. Well, uh, I mean, anybody, you were like surprised by.

[00:19:13] Well, not, I mean, not like surprised by, but, um, another interview that I really enjoyed was with, uh, Eric vaults, Benoit, um, when we interviewed him like one personally, it's one of my favorites because we talked about foster care and stuff like that. So, yeah. So it was. For the start really easy, going easy to talk to.

[00:19:42] Um, And like for me, that's what makes like a really good interview in my opinion. Um, and that's, I can only speak for myself because it's somebody, if I can, if we can really hit it off, we can really talk and stuff. I'm not saying that we weren't able to really talk about class, but it was just, it was so nice.

[00:20:03] Um, but I mean, his story has compassion again. I'm just jealous of like, His ability. I respect, you know, fathers at the level that he, um, not, not only respect, but like I'm jealous of like the level and the capacity that he can. Right. But like, just be like a father, you know what I mean? Like it's, it's awesome.

[00:20:27] Cool. Of you to say, I think like what you just said about like the capacity capacity to be a father. That's a really big like nowadays fathers don't, you know, I think it's shifting a little bit, but like that it's always about the maternal instincts. Right? And, and it's so easy to be maternal and to be caring and loving and, and give, and, you know, dad's get a bad rap, you know, they're the breadwinners and they go to jobs and they've, and they bring the money home.

[00:20:57] And then that's always been like the. The stigma of like what a father is, and, and we're not talking about what fathering really means. And I think Eric is Eric and his husband both are really showing what fathering can really really mean and fostering those children and adopting those children and bringing those children as a home and just being parents.

[00:21:23] In the way that, and teaching them the way that they are, I just think is huge. You know? And there's so much, so much about them in their life. And what they're doing that has was not even a part of that interview. And that was even, I think, easier. I think that we can't even put into words because we know them personally that we're just like, We need a whole nother episode with them to talk about how they parent and how amazing it is and everything.

[00:21:49] Cause that episode was really heavy and fostering. I will say the biggest thing I got from that episode was fostering can be for everyone. Yeah. Like you think that fostering is, there are a lot, you hear a lot of times it's like, Oh, well, you know, foster kids can come with difficulties or faster, you know, so be prepared and it gets this like negative, like, Oh, I can't do that.

[00:22:12] So, I'm glad you're going to embark on this journey with me as we foster. You want it photo. All right, everybody. But no, but really though, like fostering can be for everyone if you were ready to do that. And I think, you know, there are a lot of kids out there looking for a safe home. And if you, if that's something you're, you're ready, you, you think you could do don't.

[00:22:40] If it's something you think you can do dozens of children, if it's something you think you can do, don't, don't look away from it without really looking into it. I guess, as you know, what we got from that. Well, but like the, the, the back to Eric real quick, um, and just like fathering in general. Uh, what, I mean, like he fathers, like he fathers so hard is like, there's, there's a level of, of fatherhood where like, you're like, there's that level of selfishness.

[00:23:06] He follows the shit, like, cause there's a thing it's like, like you're right. The society expects the father to be the breadwinner and stuff. So it's like, I have the ability to come home and be like, Oh, I'm exhausted. Let me just. Come home and lay down, sit down and be lazy. Well, there's probably days where they also just come home and.

[00:23:30] Hang out and watch movies and don't like, and watch reality TV and don't do anything like they're human beings as well. But I'm saying they're not 24 seven. It's just like, there's you, you can tell. And I, you know, I've seen it. It's just like, he keeps it on. Like, it's like, boom, Nope. Let's just do this.

[00:23:47] Nope. Let's just get this done. Oh, well let's just get through this. And it's just like, I admire that determination and I get, so Eric, I hope you're listening. Cause you got some serious air time on the second. Yeah, I'm a huge fan. Huge Eric fan fan, but real quick on, I just want to do it. We have a couple of minutes.

[00:24:11] Okay. Eddie has this brilliant. He wants to wrap the episode up with. This new idea that he has for the show. We want to do it during these episodes. Cause he would, he loves it. It's in Minnesota to me. So, um, so what I did was, uh, one day when I was bored as hell during quarantine, um, I wrote a bunch of stupid categories down and I put them in a hat.

[00:24:38] So now they're all folded up in a hat. So what Kristen's going to do is she's going to, you're going to pick a category. Chris is gonna pick a category. Oh, gosh, you're going to pick, pick two. Well, let's just pick one first and see what, where we get with say pick two. And then we put them together. Is that say farms?

[00:24:57] Ooh farms. It does say farms. Farms. Okay. So now pick one more. Oh, second category. Okay. It's either like a fallback or we can put them together, so, okay. So they're, they're taxing the farmers farms. Fine. Okay. So farms,

[00:25:17] Holy crap. We were just talking about farms. Goes no, so yeah, pretty much you just get into it. So, uh, we were watching the discovery, not discovery channel. It was the national geographics. Um, so they have this ability to store the methane gas in large, um, pouches where they bring their watching my beautiful boyfriend, Zach Efron.

[00:25:42] Oh, Oh, with Darren or I think it's all, Leanne is how you say his last name. I'm in love with Darren. It's called down to earth. Earth. Yeah. It's great. Yup. That's what you're about. That's what you're talking about. Those pouches. They were in Costa Rica. Yeah. So they were self-sufficient farm and they have these pouches that you keep the methods that's you're talking about that like blew my mind.

[00:26:06] That was crazy. Yeah. So, um, because like let's just roll right into that. Like, did you know that. Like the methane that cows produce is like one of the largest pollutants and greenhouse gases. Yeah, it is. It's terrible. That's why you should be a vegan. That's what Darren, Alana's trying to explain to everybody better for you.

[00:26:29] It's better for the environment to be a vegan. Right. Do you want to be a vegan? So you like your McDonald's that there's a way where we can both come together. Where if you have the ability to trap the methane gas, you can't talk that much about Vega, are you sure? Yes. It's so much. So, yeah, so we just have to lower our consumption.

[00:26:54] Yes. So what they say, you don't wanna have to stop eating me. You just have to eat like you don't have to be a full on vegan, but if you went vegan like two days a week, then it's exponentially better for the environment. If everybody ate and like two days a week, you, we could reduce our methane gas is by a ton and your body is like so much healthier.

[00:27:19] No sh is that something that we should all coordinate to like stagger our days to make sure that I raised Tuesday, Wednesday, there'll be shortages on Mondays. I don't know. That's interesting. That's a good idea. Oh, and so then, um, let us know, let us know what you think. Guys. Let us know, get it.

[00:27:43] Should we end on that? Wonderful dad joke. One more thing I did want to talk about is that we have that farm share and I am so happy. I'm learning about vegetables and yeah. What did you eat? What did you eat this week? From our farm share. He had eggplant. No, that's not. The first time I had a clamp with us the first time I enjoyed eating eggplant.

[00:28:07] So that was huge. When we did see the eggplant, I did say they have little penises for sale for the record. Do they know that they're called Lena for the record? He made that joke in this middle of the farm share store. It's fine. I had a mask on, so. It wasn't, he didn't say it quietly and everybody heard him and nobody laughed.

[00:28:28] Okay. First of all, they giggled a little, thank you. It wasn't super appropriate. Um, he walked in and said, are those penises wasn't super appropriate? And I kind of just was like, please stop eating them. Um, what else have you had? You've also had beats. He had beats and he didn't hate them. No. And then we had a bok choy and baby bok choy.

[00:28:53] Um, and then we've gotten, uh, the other stuff was no, hold on, stop. Don't tell me, um, there was the Eddie picked it the other day. We didn't eat it though. We haven't had that yet. Okay. All right. Nevermind. I don't know what else have I eaten? They're usually squash and zucchini bread. Yeah. I make him, but he, doesn't not that anyone cares, but we're trying new things is the bottom line.

[00:29:25] He's he's trying some new vegetables and he's enjoying them. Ish kind of, well, honestly it does give me a little upset. There's those memes. Have you seen that meme where it's like you're 34 years old, stop being picky and just eat the food and it's like, Wow. That does resonate with me because like man law, like man law, it's like survival of the fittest, bro.

[00:29:48] You got to eat it. And here I am like, no, I don't like that. Can I have this? And it's like barbecue sauce on it. And it all tastes fine. I know, but it's just, I guess half-ass cooking. It's edible, so you'll be fine. All right. Well, what do you think about farms, everybody? What are you think about farms? Try veganism a couple days a week.

[00:30:07] It's not terrible and it's better for the environment and it's better for your health. That's my soap box. That's all I have to say about it. Everybody has a great Jordy of plants are made with like tons of GMO. Okay. I hope everybody has a great week. Um, check out her website. We've had a little bit we're redesigned.

[00:30:27] You can get right to our merchandise from there, we're trying to be a little bit more, um, accessible. So you can go to our YouTube channel and see our closed captions right there on our YouTube channel. And we are trying to get our website more accessible. It is not an easy feat. I was unaware. So we are working on that.

[00:30:48] If you would like to see something. More accessible and you have some ideas, please let us know, and we will work on it for you. Um, is that it or your friend or an expert in web design? Get in touch with us. We are looking for, uh, donations in that field. Um, also, if you, or your loved one or anybody, you know, is a professional in the disability field, feel free to contact us too.

[00:31:22] Yeah. We're looking for, we're always looking to, you know, if you have resources that you'd like to share with us, you know, share them with us, get on our community. We have a community on Facebook that we're always looking to grow, you know? Interact with us. We want to interact with you, any kind of questions.

[00:31:38] That's what these mini souls are going to be for. Um, so we actually, we know coronavirus will interact virtually. We're hoping everyone has a great week and please stay tuned for next week's episode. It is going to be amazing. I don't have any bigger words than that. It's like, I can't, it's, I'm speechless for how excited we are for that episode.

[00:31:58] I cannot wait to share it with everybody. So please, please, please stay tuned. And. We're excited. Thanks everyone. Celebrity. There's that? He's a legit celebrity. He's in the V. So have a great night, everyone. Well, thank you so much for listening. We really hope you enjoyed this episode as always. Please make sure you share with a friend and leave a review.

[00:32:23] You can find all the resources mentioned in this episode, on our Facebook or Instagram on, at special about special. Thanks again. And we'll see you soon.