Jan. 4, 2021

Special About Special - Minisode #6

Hey listeners, Weeee'rrreee baaaaacccckkkk! We're so excited to be back and ready to bring you some fun new resources. Today we talked about what our Holiday break was like and we spend a little time chatting about relationships. We even butchered our Instacart promo but decided to leave it in because it was so funny! Fun episode to start off the New Year!


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Welcome back listeners to another mini-sode. This will be our last episode of the season. We're so grateful for all the love and support we've received, and we've been blown away by this experience. We will be back soon with fresh new episodes. So don't worry. Make sure that you're following us on social media.

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[00:01:15] Hey, Eddie. Temperatures are dropping and that means fall is here. In fall means football and she's played in it and we spend all weekend watching football and just relaxing. So I definitely do not want to go grocery shopping, you know? Would make that easier Instacart delivers groceries at as fast as one hour, they connect you with a personal shopper in your local area to shop and deliver groceries from your favorite stores.

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[00:02:05] All right, folks, this being the last season, I thought it would be fun to share with you the little outtakes that I saved by tirelessly editing these episodes to perfection. So go ahead, kick back and enjoy some of the outtakes from our past episodes. Yeah, yeah, whatever central, I mean, we've got two kids here and two dogs and they tend to, uh, as much as we ask them to be, you know, obedient, the fact that we're recording, you know, they're kids and dogs and they do what they want are usually, we're usually pretty good at kind of scheduling this as best as possible.

[00:02:46] Oh, you always forget the picture. Nothing.

[00:02:53] You said picture and you said one thing that's incorrect. What was it? Judy human's Ted talk at somebody else's and she's passed away. You fucking said, and it's wrong. You didn't talk at all. That's not true. I talked a little bit at the beginning, um, and. I didn't get it fucking,

[00:03:16] so when the word I love, hopefully he spreads the word. There's so many things. I was like, I was going to just like buddy him with stupid shit. I'm like, shut the fuck up. Don't don't do it. We didn't stop it. So it's still going and I'm just talking some stuff,

[00:03:36] washer and dryer. The dryer's is full of gas right now. Are you serious? I don't know what happens. No, we're not. We're getting rid of it. If that's what happened. How would you say that? Let me go bring the candle on there for some light. It's not really what happens.

[00:03:56] You're done. I guess getting the button will be no waste, right? It has a way to it. A little heavy shoulders, especially you found a friend. I think she didn't mess up just you off to this. Right? When the good shoulder and neck, she like goes me too. Yeah. Snacks vacations over. Yeah,

[00:04:22] she doesn't. Yeah. She's not a big fan of touching me.

[00:04:30] We'll say that. Edit that out.

[00:04:38] What do you want me to do? What? Uh, no, no, no, no, no, no. You, you go do it.

[00:04:46] Um, don't want to throw the money exactly where we're protecting. Right. Well, we've learned to be like, you know, um, empathetic, well, not empathetic, but we learned to have that. Yeah. What's the word I'm looking for, man. Whatever. This is great. I'll get it. I'll get it. I'll get in my groove. If you could let me talk.

[00:05:10] That'd be awesome. What do you wanna talk about? Like, no, I'm just saying like every time, like I was trying to get, and you just like. Pam. And so then I just look at me at the end of this episode, don't look at me and be like, why don't you say anything? I'll let you get it out. I'm aware. I love you. You've been talking.

[00:05:27] I know. Cause I'm like trying hard, but I feel like I'm saying stupid stuff too. So like I don't,

[00:05:38] sometimes I have to edit out a lot of audio issues. Here are some. We're fucked right now.

[00:05:53] This really sucks. We were this close because you just wrapped up.

[00:06:00] I don't know how to connect it to that. So mixing.

[00:06:07] So tell us

[00:06:14] sometimes it's just silly noises that I didn't really mean to make.

[00:06:24] Oh my God.

[00:06:35] This is first ever. Can I shut this off? Can you just let him out this way real quick. So we don't have to hear them bark.

[00:06:47] Okay. Let me get in my,

[00:06:54] so we have for season one, our tanks, of course, we will be back with a season two and that finale will probably be filled with a lot more. Yes. So we just want to thank all of our amazing listeners guests that we've had on the season for everything that you've done for us, this experience has been way beyond anything we thought it would be.

[00:07:14] It's given us an opportunity to have a platform, but also give others a platform. So make sure that you follow us on all our social media throughout the holidays. And don't forget, you can still catch up on all of our previous episodes, wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Thank you for everything and see you guys next year.