March 2, 2021

Special About Special - Minisode #7

What a treat this week everyone! Once upon a time before there was a Special About Special podcast, we were testing out the waters and testing all of our equipment. So, Eddie decided to interview our kids. OMG, what a cute experience. You're going to love it!


Hi listeners. Welcome back to another little mini-sode from what's special about special. We have a. Treat for you today. We're really excited for this one. Before we started the podcast, we were really learning how to use our equipment and figuring out who are we going to talk to and use them as Guinea pigs.

[00:00:20] So Eddie had a brilliant idea to interview both of our children. Edward and Annabella. So we're really excited today to bring you this fun mock interview, where we really interviewed them about their interests, but we never expected to air this one. Although the kids have been begging us to interview them and put them on the air.

[00:00:41] So please enjoy this episode with Edward and Annabella Gagnan

[00:00:52] All right. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, we're bringing you, what's special about special, uh, today's guest. We have Eddie. Gagnan the fourth. How are you doing today? Eddie? That's good. So today we're going to be talking about his little project with hand up bags and how he is helping his community.

[00:01:10] Right. When we get back.

[00:01:19] All right. Hey Eddie, how are you doing? Okay. That's good. Well, welcome to the show. Thanks for coming. Okay. Say hello to our audience. Hey guys.

[00:01:34] So maybe we want to kind of talk about that project. That you started up before Christmas time project, where you were collecting donations and you created what they call hand up bags. Salons. You go ahead and take us through how you got started. What made you get involved with that, or what kind of wanted you to get involved with, uh, the hand up bags?

[00:01:57] I noticed that we see like lots of people on the street. So I just wanted to help out with all that stuff to get a better community. That's awesome. And so, um, through that, what, what did you guys do? How did you start everything off? So first we, we had like a lot of bags that we, that our people gave us.

[00:02:20] So we. Like put stuff in it for the homeless people and then. Yeah. Yeah. Well, how did you get, how did you get those bags and how'd you get the stuff for those bags? So, w um, last Christmas, we actually got a lot of donations stuff, so. Oh, how did you get those donations? What kind of sparked that? Like? So I was like on the news and it's tough, which was pretty cool.

[00:02:52] So, yeah. Oh, you were on the news. Okay. What, what, what happened there? Did you get interviewed or, and how did they find out about you?

[00:03:06] I forgot. Yeah. Did you guys make a look, a couple of movies previously?

[00:03:16] Something like that? Yeah. So, uh, I heard you and your mother, uh, made some, some, uh, you know, Facebook videos and YouTube videos. Um, and what did you, what were you saying in those videos? Um, like I was like asking for some donations and stuff for, um, the homeless people.

[00:03:44] So then you get those donations, um, you made those videos, it sounds like a 22 news was the ones that interviewed you. Right. And they had seen that kind of, uh, the wave coming over this, so our local social media. So, um, they kind of picked up on that and they gave us a call or gave them, uh, your mother, a call, um, where you guys were went there for your little interview.

[00:04:07] Um, and then what happened after what happened after we had that, uh, interview? Okay. Uh, Oh, we started getting a lot of donations since a lot. Right. And then what do we do? What do we do with all, with, uh, with getting all of those donations? Do we, mom, mommy made more videos, right. And, um, not long time ago, like a little while ago, like a few weeks ago, I think, um, Uh, I went to a homeless shelters and stuff and dropped off a bunch of stuff.

[00:04:43] Oh yeah. So last week that was last week. That was last Monday. So we're aware on the last day of the second week. So it would be less, you know? Um, yeah, so that was, that was awesome. Right. Giving, giving to their community is, uh, something that, uh, I mean, do you find that very gratifying? W, what is your favorite thing about giving?

[00:05:07] Um, uh, seeing the people that I give this stuff to, um, seeing them happy. Nice. All right. So, and then what do you, what are some of your goals now? What are some of your goals for the future with this, or with anything really. Uh, I'm I might like make a business for, um, to do that, um, to like for like homeless people back and stuff.

[00:05:40] I might like make a business, make a business and making more of these handle bags. Nice. All right. So, uh, is there anything you'd like to say off to our audience? Any words of wisdom from Eddie? The fourth? No I got enough. No, I got nothing. All right. So thank you so much for, uh, you know, coming on the show.

[00:06:04] Uh, thanks for, uh, being a part and interviewing us. Um, it was great. So, uh, we'll talk to you soon. Thank you.

[00:06:22] all right. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of what's special about special. I'm your host, Eddie Gagnin. And today we have. Annabella Gagnin Annabella. Welcome to the show. Thank you. Hi. So today we're going to be talking about Anna. Bella's a continuous and progressing singing career.

[00:06:41] Um, as she's also picked up the keyboard, but we're going to be talking about, uh, where she plans on going, where she's been and all that fun stuff in between. So come join us today. As we talk to Annabella Gagnin.

[00:07:09] all right. Good afternoon, Annabella. How are you doing? I'm doing all right. Welcome to the show. Thanks for joining us. So, um, we we're going to get right into it. Uh, you know, you have, it's been singing for quite some time now. Um, a lot of your stuff has been just kind of posted, uh, locally by family members and friends.

[00:07:33] Um, and a lot of your stuff has just kind of been, um, on the personal level, a really intimate settings where it's, you know, small crowds and stuff like that. Um, so from there, why don't we talk about what got you started? Um, how did all this kind of manifest? Where, where did it all begin? Um, well, so I kind of, well, the first singing lessons I took, um, was.

[00:07:57] This woman that, I mean, I don't even remember her name. It was such a long time ago. I think I was about, I was like five, four or five years old. Um, it was right when Eddie was born actually. And, um, I started having seen lessons. Um, and then those kind of grew a little bit. And then I had a performance in front of a crowd of belt.

[00:08:16] Like, I don't know, I'd say like 50, 60 people, which is really small. And I was just a little kid and, um, mainly I started out singing the song. This is me from camp rock. Um, and it was like my favorite song ever. So that was like the first performance I actually did. And then, I mean, even at such a young age, even at such a young age, that's when I kind of started to realize that this is kind of what I wanted to do for like a while.

[00:08:41] And like, I kind of noticed that I was like pretty good with the crowd and it didn't make me too nervous. That's good. That's good. Yeah. Especially at a young age, you know, getting, getting used to the crowd and having that ability to kind of have that stage presence as they call it that, you know, that that's huge.

[00:08:59] And so from there, we, I had those singing lessons with that, um, very kind lady. And then we progressed into having another. Online singing lessons when I was about seven or eight years old, I'm with someone in New York city. Um, and then we stopped doing those lessons and, um, then I kind of didn't have them for a while.

[00:09:21] And then we got into, um, the same lessons that I'm currently in, which is the Tom key Pato. I believe it's a very hard name to pronounce for me, but, um, that is the vocal studio that I currently go to now. Um, and I've had. Two performances there. We had, um, one at Sonny's place. And then we had one, um, at the mass mutual center for the festival of trees of the festival of trees, which that was, that was something, huh?

[00:09:51] Yeah. The festival of trees. It's a, uh, a nice little fundraiser that, uh, the MGM. Uh, was putting on through mass mutual, I believe. Um, and so that was something that was really cool. All these trees had raffles. And as you walked around, um, there was, uh, performing arts and things like that. And then, you know, they had this, uh, Tom , uh, you know, uh, come out for their concert, their winter concert, which was really good.

[00:10:19] And the crowd, the seated crowd was of a decent size. Again, probably it was probably like 40, 30 people. Um, but the rest of the, we were in this humongous, well, I mean, yeah, I was going to say it's 30 people that were just. Immediately right there, but then, you know, a couple of hundred outside of that, there's so many people walking around.

[00:10:42] Um, my vocal teacher had originally told me, so I sang for, I sang with my vocal teacher and then I also sing with a chorus group. Um, so I was performing with both. So I had a solo with my vocal teacher, which was a medley with, um, The Gloria song that into a little town of Bethlehem into, Oh, come all ye faithful, I believe.

[00:11:06] Um, yeah, that's pretty sick. Uh, what do you call those? Uh, mashup, right? The medley. Yeah, that was, that was sick. Yeah. So we did that. And then we had a couple more songs for the chorus. And I weirdly wasn't when my vocal teacher told me that it was in a conference room. I thought it was going to be a super small space.

[00:11:25] I thought it was barely going to be any people at all. And then we got there and I was like, Oh my goodness. There was so many people like a conference. Like a conference hall. She just called it a conference hall. Right. You're thinking of conference. I thought it was thinking of office. Yeah, basically I was thinking of like conference hall.

[00:11:45] And so remember when we went off to those conferences for, you know, the meek consortiums and the, those conferences, that's what a huge conference. I thought it was gonna be like, I thought it was going to be like a, not even like a Scranton. Like, not even like a script and Dunder Mifflin conference room, I thought it was going to be like a New York style conference room, like a corporate, but then we got there and I was like, Oh my goodness.

[00:12:11] Because I hadn't like mentally prepared myself for that entertainment America, not corporate America. Um, so I wasn't really prepared for that, but we got there. I mean, it was pretty, it was pretty fun. Um, and then I started posting things on my Instagram in June or July of 2019. Um, so we did that and we posted, I hope that we'll get pretty big,

[00:12:36] pretty big. I didn't expect it to our kids these days. I had gotten to about Instagram. So you can see I'm pretty serious about my career. Nope. Nope. We got, I got to about a hundred under 25, I think, but that was so Instagram didn't get that big, but we're hoping, we're hoping to find something else.

[00:12:57] Especially with the coronavirus. So now I'm on tick tock. I know no tick tock. It was a joke. Take talks to addicting. All right. So, and then here we are, right. We're up to present day. Yeah. Hoping for a more big things to come. So, uh, now that we're all caught up, uh, what, w what's your plans for the future?

[00:13:16] Um, well, ever since I was really, really little, well, before, before he answered that, I'm sorry. I'm getting ahead of myself here. Um, we ha you have now added a new. There's a new attribute that you have for your singing career. And that was, that is the keyboard. Oh yes. Um, so for Christmas, um, I got a keyboard and it is, I think it's like a, it's like a 60 something key keyboard.

[00:13:46] Um, but I've been working on that and I'm self-taught with everything that I've done, but I've learned a couple songs. Um, I know quite a few chords I've memorized where keys are. Um, I just don't and I know letter keys, um, because the piano, the keyboard came with stickers like sticker labels for letters for right.

[00:14:12] But not for like, they came with letters, not for like the other ones. Um, so I've learned by letters, but I kind of just mainly learned where things are and everything. Um, but yeah, I'm like I've self-taught and everything. And I've learned a couple of songs and I ever wrote. I've wrote a couple of choruses to a couple songs, a couple verses to those songs, but that's, that's it nice so we can, uh, you know, expect some, some awesome, awesome tunes coming out of that room, possibly.

[00:14:44] Possibly. All right. So, and then, uh, now, uh, we're where do you see yourself going? Where do you want this to get you? Mainly I see myself going to, I mean, I've thought about it a lot. And especially being in middle school. Now you kind of have to take in what you want to do, like what you really want to end up doing.

[00:15:05] So I know that I was looking into PVPA for awhile and then, and I realized that if I went to that school and if then I, when I went to college, my college was only going to see that I did performing arts for my four years of high school. And that was it. So for my future, I want to have a career in the music industry, but mainly I want to, like, the main thing I want to do is Broadway.

[00:15:31] Um, so I want to be able to, yeah, so I want to be able to do Broadway one day and it's like been my dream since I was like, really little. Um, but, but like, what would your, what would your, uh, right now. What would your dream Broadway play to be in right now? My dream Broadway play. Yeah. Well, I'm at a younger age than my dream Broadway play right now would be Annie.

[00:15:57] Um, and then once I got really that's awesome. I'm sorry. I say still for the, uh, for the people that don't know, um, Anabella has been a huge anime fan. That was kind of, I would say that that was the catalyst that got you into this. I'm just hearing, um, that. You know, uh, tomorrow song. Um, and that was, that was huge.

[00:16:20] And so I just think that's funny that you still cause honestly like me, I thought like now with us watching the Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and a giant look was awesome movie. Um, also talking about Hamilton, um, you love wicked. I love wicked waitress. I've been looking into like, those are all fantastic.

[00:16:38] Probably musicals, musical. Um, so it's just kind of like, honestly, I. I love the fact that you still say Annie, so that's, that's awesome. Okay. So, all right, now it would be Annie. Um, and then once I got a little older, it would probably be alphabet from wicked, um, Eliza from Hamilton, um, Dawn from waitress. So, those are like the main, the main roles that I have.

[00:17:07] Um, but ever since I was like a little younger, I've been listening to this song, defying gravity, probably since I was about five or four years old. And that song was my, was like everything. Yeah. So if I, one day got to play Elphaba and take. Idina Menzel was placed on Broadway. That would be absolutely fantastic because I know that that, that musical is just like on a fantastic musical or, uh, I mean, I'll be honest.

[00:17:37] I, you know, you're an amazing lead talented, uh, young lady, but, uh, Idina Menzel. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill. They are, um, people like Idina Menzel or. Um, they're the, all of their names rhyme, but like, and Dina, Manzell Leah, Michelle, um, Christian Pell. Like those people are like insanely talented people.

[00:18:04] Like when I first, like I have been into singing and acting both equally acting more recently with the drama studio and everything. But like indeed amens Elle's voice is actually insane. Oh yeah. Her range is phenomenal. Fantastic. Yeah. Not nobody there. Like she is like one of the only people who can properly sing into the unknown because she is the first person who actually sang it and she continued and she continuously, she will continue to be one of the people who can fantastically sing that song.

[00:18:40] But, yup. Yeah. Well, uh, if one thing, uh, that I learned that, you know, you showed me shine the light on, uh, what was that? We watched the Emmys or the Grammys or the. We watched, I believe it was the Oscars, the Oscars, and then, uh, watching other women from other countries seeing, um, What's the song. I think that was the Oscars learn languages.

[00:19:05] That was cool. That was awesome. That was awesome. So, um, all right. Well, I guess that's all the time we do have for today, but Annabella, thank you so much for coming on the show. Uh, really look forward to, uh, what you have coming up in the future. Um, so, uh, you know, we can look forward to that. So we'll talk to you soon.

[00:19:24] Thank you.

[00:19:36] all right, ladies and gentlemen. So that was our interview with Annabella Gagnan and about her passion for vocals and musicals. Uh, you can catch this episode in many more. On our podcast station. You guys take care and make sure you're out there looking good, feeling good. We'll talk to you guys all soon. .