Aug. 23, 2020

Special About Special Minisode #2

This week we didn’t have anything planned for our minisode but we decided to record anyways and see what happened. I wasn’t my best self going in and you know what, that’s OK. Being a special needs parent can be hard sometimes. Being a parent can be hard, you know what, being a wife can be hard. It’s all just hard sometimes.  This day, I was burnt out and had very little energy for the whining and “parenting” needed from me. So, I was a bit bratty towards everyone. I had no excuse. As we started recording I figured I should just fess up on record. So to all the mothers and parents out there having a bad day, it’s okay. It does NOT make you a bad parent or a bad spouse. It’s just that, a bad day. Plus, and this IS going to be an unpopular opinion but embrace it.  Sometimes, we need to lean into it for a day or two as long as we are remembering to be as kind as we can. I’m still reminding myself of that. Sometimes I lean in a little too much, so, here’s to learning.

We also recapped our awesome guest last week and how much fun we had speaking with him. We also made some recommendations for some great binge-worthy TV and films that we’ve been watching lately that have great representation. Please check out the list below! We’ll be adding to the list on our instastory highlights as often as we can and are looking for more recommendations! So let us know!

TV and Movies we Recommend - 

  • Crip Camp - Netflix
  • Design for All - Hulu
  • Special - Netflix
  • The Speed Cubers - Netflix
  • Wampler’s Ascent - Amazon Prime
  • Love on the Spectrum - Netflix

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Welcome listeners to another mini-sode of course, as always, we're going to be covering a variety of topics. Most importantly, taking you into a little look into our personal lives and also a chance to discuss our previous episodes. Please remember if you love this episode to share it with a friend and leave a review.

[00:01:14] Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. Depending on when you're listening. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. And good night evening, because it's been a long day here, even though it's not that late right now, technically on the clock, I feel like it feels like a long day and it's very late in our minds because it hasn't gone.

[00:01:35] Well, it takes more effort to be, you know, miserable. Oh, interesting. Unless must be really tired. Well, listeners. We don't really have a slate to talk about today for today's episode. So we just thought, you know, it would be a good opportunity to share with you guys how. Every day is not perfect. And, you know, we, we struggle as well parenting, um, you know, just parenting is hard being special needs.

[00:02:14] Parent is difficult. Um, no parenting as a whole is harder. It thinks like parenting sucks. And I will say that I think 99% of the time we do really good as a team. No, I would say like 90% today was not that percent, whatever it might be. Um, 10%, a lot of times I'll hear feedback from our podcasts. Like here's our great together.

[00:02:41] Are you guys like, Oh, you guys are such great advocates, great pair of tennis shoes. The shoes were not always that great today was not that day. No. Um, So without getting into details, we just weren't a good team. No, I mean, I was a good team. You were just staying jerk. You were mean everybody upset parents out there.

[00:03:06] You were, you were a brat. I was a brat. I am still in a brat mood and not gonna say I'm not, it is. I think that's okay. As a parent or a mother. Yeah, of course. It's okay for you to do it. Like when we're it's okay. For me to be in a brat mood, sometimes this is where I come from. This is where it came from.

[00:03:35] It was a long work week in general. It's been a long few weeks. It's been a long month. Quarantine has been long. It's all been long.

[00:03:46] It's like, that's annoying. I'm burned out. We're coming onto the cusp two days away from vacation, which has been adjusted and readjusted and ranch busted and readjusted multiple times, which is not good for, I don't do well with that kind of change with change. When I have to plan, I need the plan to go the way that I plan it.

[00:04:05] It hasn't worked well. We've lost a lot of money into this. It's stressing me out. So now we're coming up on this vacation. That doesn't sound like it's going to be relaxing, which is stressing me even more. And I kind of was looking forward to this weekend to just kind of reset so that I can get through the next few days, and then we can be on whatever our vacation might end up looking like.

[00:04:30] And we had a plan for today. Semi plan. I felt like I was doing all the work to like, make that happen and have a nice family day. Didn't feel like I was getting a lot of input and help. No one was really participating in being excited about having a family day I was working. So, yeah, no, I understand. But then.

[00:04:51] By the time we got home, it was later and we couldn't really do the things that we had planned, which was fine. Then we may, it's just, nothing was working. It's C it seemed to me like everything wasn't working and I understand they were small little differences, but it just, today was just not the day for that to happen.

[00:05:05] For me. It just w I was being bratty. I get it. Yeah. Cause we could have done those things, but you like, it's too late. It's not too late. It wasn't too late. It, you just, you just thought it was too late. I did it just didn't work for me. It just wasn't in my brain. It just, and then I felt like continuously y'all kids whining folks.

[00:05:28] Does that happen in your life or just there's a day where you're maxed out on kids, whining and dogs barking. I just couldn't take it anymore, but that's just, I mean, there's not an excuse for it. I just, Matt was maxed out that's that's where I was. And. That's where we are now burned down, tired. I'm maxed out.

[00:05:48] And I just don't have a lot of energy left to like put on the happy mom face and white face. And yeah, I hear you. I like how you just threw a little Zack Morris little thing. You were like, hold on folks. Can you consult with the crowd? Which is hilarious. So pause. Let me tell you so, um, but yeah, no, you still, again, we.

[00:06:14] Yeah. Yes. I mean, like, I, I guess that's my point. Like, it, it didn't go right. I'm sure I could have handled it better. Yeah, everyone in the house could have handled it better. No, no. See, no, no. I think that we, and when I say we, I mean, me and the kids, um, we're just at the mercy of your wrath and you're upset and we got, we got up and work, I think as a mother, I don't think you're good.

[00:06:50] Like, you're understanding that like, On a regular basis. I'm on the I'm at the mercy of everyone. Else's Raff that's no, I put out fires all day long. Nope. Cause you told him to stop. Don't do that. Don't Nope. You don't bring that here. And everybody stops immediately and everybody's like, well, you just got to deal with that, right?

[00:07:11] Exactly. You do see that's not okay. That's one day I put out fires all the time. Well, We'll agree to disagree. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause we're having, we're having this episode over one incident, right? Yeah. Yeah. Obviously this came at a culmination of many frustrations and today was kind of ahead of that and, um, and being burned out and tired.

[00:07:47] Isn't helping my patients level. And my energy level and being able to speak with probably. The level of respect that I could have had I'm I'm admitting my faults here and this, but having these crazy expectations on what is going to be like going out with a family. Oh, okay. That's great. That's a perfect example of the family.

[00:08:12] Not fun. Exactly. So just do the spontaneous stuff and do whatever that's why it's you make it fun? I can make it. All right. Let's put this out here. Special needs families. This is the perfect. You just said it perfectly. No, you just said it perfectly. Me wanting to control the spun. Like you just want to be spontaneous.

[00:08:34] And Jay at four o'clock three at two 30, you want us to get in the car and go to the beach for everyone that doesn't know us, which is everyone pretty much or everyone that listens probably does. We are two hour drive, at least from a beach. So. Yeah, two, two 30 during the quarantine on a weekend, we haven't been to the beach in 10 years.

[00:08:57] We don't have a lot of like beach stuff we do have is probably not good quality. And we don't really have anything to take. We don't have, we would have had pack up. She says we have plenty of awesome beach stuff to pack up. Get a cooler together, do whatever we need to do. But everybody into the car, get everybody going, which was a change of plans, which doesn't handle well for either one of our children, when they have their mindset, I want we're doing.

[00:09:22] And then we decided to change that to a large thing and anticipation and excitement never goes well for anyone in this house. So we're not going when they do that, decide to go to the beach at, we get there for what four, four 30. Yeah. To do what at four, four 30 at the beach.  each down, let's make a sandcastle, a bell.

[00:09:44] I'm going to throw you in the water. Like throw her in the water. No, she'll be fine. She'll be like, she gets to study. I'll go take pictures of her, like in the sand dune or something like that. Uh, I think you, you have an expectation of how something will go. And I have more realistic expectation of what I think.

[00:10:04] I, I think about what happens past when we do spontaneous things and the meltdowns and the difficult time we have. And yes, should I look at just what could be and say, if we plan this right, and we ha and we do this the right way, everyone will have a good time. That would be great. In an ideal world. It is what an optimist does, but.

[00:10:25] Realistically as a special needs parent, I know that we're going to have many meltdowns and some won't be able to do something it's going to be unhappy. And for me, just trying to control the situation so that everyone is having a good time time. It seems terrible, stressful, and anxiety ridden. And that doesn't seem like, I feel like then they leave and they don't have an experience that they can look back on and enjoy.

[00:10:54] I'm just trying to create experiences that they can look back on and say, Oh wow. I really loved that time. We went to here. Really loved that time one day. Yeah. I feel like we'll have a better time of that really grooming at the time we just picked up and went here and we just did this and we just do this.

[00:11:07] Like, that's the fun stuff. That's nice. And you made this point earlier and I don't disagree with you that I will try that out. I said I will try it. I just don't agree that it'll work. Cool. I'm apprehensive. Yeah. Well, you're valid to your opinion. I'm hoping it will work. I mean, I want either whatever happens, I just want our kids to have a good experience just as long as they have fun are both our versions of our Disney world trip are different.

[00:11:44] Yeah, it's a perfect example. Like your version of ours is just like we, it was Disney world. It was this perfect. Happy. One of the other two is perfect. Oh my God of it is everyone was crying, was miserable and complaining and whining. It was beautiful. It was Disney. There was a lot of times where me and you were like, Oh, this is great.

[00:12:06] Yes. Yes. But there was a lot of times that. At least one of our children in particular did not seem like they were having a good time. And I was concerned, didn't drink enough. We can't really drink that much at Disney. Anyways. I think every moral story is in a marriage. You have to. Let me have a day. She gives me bullshit and I take it.

[00:12:36] Yeah. Gotta let me have a day to just get, to have every day stop. Really. For real though. No jokes aside. There are days people are burned out. Mommy time. Everyone's talking to me all the time, needing my full attention. Today was a day. I just didn't have it in me and I made bad choices when it came to how I handled the situation.

[00:13:05] I'm aware. So tomorrow's a new day. Sorry. He recorded back forever.

[00:13:23] Moving on. So

[00:13:30] I just gotta add it. When I called her the wrong name. Listen, this editing is taking forever. I have to go grocery shopping. Yeah, that's why you should go to Instacart or right now they connect you with a personal shopper in your local area to deliver groceries from your favorite stores. Instacart delivers groceries in his fastest one hour sinners.

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[00:14:10] All right. Well, that's all I wanted to get out of you. So this was a very, very good episode so far. So thanks folks. We'll see you next cap a little bit on last week's episode. Okay. For everybody. So I feel like one of my favorite episodes, and I say that a lot, but this one, we, the anticipation and what, how much we couldn't wait for this episode.

[00:14:36] Like to record with this guest. And then when we finally got to. Super exciting. So funny that we could not wait. So we, if you didn't hear it, go listen to it. It was Jim Lavarack from Crip camp, Netflix documentary, um, Sundance film, festival winner, you know, award-winning documentary Crip camp. Awesome.

[00:15:00] Awesome. Um, he's co-director of Crip camp. It is. I mean, he's much more than that. Let's be honest. He is an advocate. Um, And he's done so much. You need to go listen to the episode. I know it's a little longer, but please go listen to, it is totally worth your time. Binge it. If you have to listen to it in pieces, um, you will get a ton out of it.

[00:15:24] But, you know, we, it was so much more than what I thought we'd get out of it too. Like I loved the documentary. It meant so much in this house. Like we saw it and we like. Couldn't get enough of it. Yeah, it was awesome. Um, and it's, it's not only is it just like a documentary, you know, with the fields it's has, there's so much like learning yeah.

[00:15:51] Learning about it and stuff I didn't even know about. And it just was awesome the way it was set up and the way it was presented, the way it was, the story was told. All of it was just awesome. It was great. I can't say enough about it. Um, I obviously have, Hmm. Um, but it w you know, we were so excited to talk to Jim and like giddy, giddy kids.

[00:16:17] Yeah. It was like, we were, it was really funny. We were talking to him and nervous and like little kids, and then we get on the call with him and out of nowhere, there's like tornado warnings here. Which doesn't really happen here? No, we knew it. We knew there were storms, but she's not a big deal, like thunderstorms in new England, big deal.

[00:16:39] And then we're in our studio, we're in our studio and out of nowhere, the lights started flickering. And everything just cuts out and we're like gym Jim, and we can see them on screen, but we lost him. Our internet went, uh, we never really lost power, but we lost our internet. Um, so then we did get them back, but then we lost them pretty quick.

[00:17:05] Right after that, again, we didn't get our internet back for awhile. So we scheduled to meet. He was so gracious and wonderful to meet with us again. The next day they let us reschedule. Uh, yeah. Which, so we were able to finish up the episode. So hopefully you guys couldn't even really tell, Oh my, my Superbowl editing, of course you can't tell.

[00:17:28] Yeah. So gracious to be able to do that and to give us his time because he is a busy man and he's got a lot going on. Um, And so, so gracious of him to do that. So we really appreciate that. We think Jim for that, but thank you, Jim. We, um, yeah, so, but speaking with him, you know, really made us realize, and he had said a lot of things that really hit home and we, we just watch everything in anything we see on TV, because it's important to us, you know?

[00:18:00] And. If we see something that is interesting to us, we watch it. But he had said a couple of things that really stood out to me specifically, just about how important it was to see representation on screen and that it really matters. And, you know, made me realize, like that's not going to continue to happen if we're not watching it.

[00:18:23] Right. The more we watch something, the more. We're going to see more representation it's that want to watch shows the people making these films and these TV shows that there are people watching them. Does that make sense? Yeah. So it's that, you know, I don't know what they call it like in business, but you know, it's a need it's out there, but if no one's asking for it, no one's making it right.

[00:18:56] Uh, like yeah. Uh, fricking supply and demand. Yeah. Yes, exactly. So if someone's going out to sell these shows and it's, so we saw it when we talked to Mindy Scheier, you know, like if it's so easy for them to say, Oh no, one's going to buy that. Right. No, there's not, there's not enough. There's not a big enough market.

[00:19:15] Well, there definitely is. And it's, and it's important to tell these stories or to just show representation on screen. That's the bigger thing. This doesn't need to be a big story told as big dramatic story, this, you know, like Jim was explaining like this, it doesn't need to be this whole story where we're telling someone's, you know, rags to riches story or anything like that.

[00:19:38] It just needs to be. Hey, we've got representation on screen right now. Right? Like I said, this a million times, my favorite shows or movies or films that we were watching are ones where there's just somebody being represented. On-screen and we're not talking about their disability. Right. You know, that you always have to acknowledge it.

[00:20:01] Like they're just, they are just another person. That's an actor or an actress who got apart because they were qualified for that part. Right. That is how this needs to be happening. And you know, the whole, there's not enough people out there auditioning. Well, they're not auditioning because they haven't been given the opportunity.

[00:20:21] Right. I've been turned away so often that now nobody's even trying, or no, one's been given the opportunity as a child. There's no advocacy, there's no advocacy. Like let's get this into schools where we're teaching everybody that they have this opportunity. We know there's not enough money in the arts.

[00:20:35] Like I just think it starts from the bottom of nuclear brat right up. And so, you know, I think it starts with us. If we're going to air an episode like we did last week, we need to get it out there. And the same way, and we need to be advocates the same w you know, our, our platform, uh, here is to be an advocacy so that everybody knows.

[00:20:54] So if so, if everyone hasn't seen our Instagram, what we've been doing this week, as well as promoting our episode for Crip camp and, um, with Jim is on our Instastory and it's on our highlights. We've been. Showcasing TV shows or movies, movies, films, documentaries, that we've been watching that have great representation in them.

[00:21:18] Um, and we'll continue to do that as much as we can until we run out. And hopefully we don't just keep coming in. Yeah. And if you guys have seen something and you want to highlight it as well, please shout it out to us and let us know because we will post that as well. And we'll retweet retweet it, or we'll put a Brie Instagram ad or anything like that.

[00:21:39] Um, a few of them that we've been. Kind of highlighting. Um, we've been using a hashtag, not that anyone needs a trend to hashtag, but it's been representation on that. Go ahead and turn the hashtag. Um, but a few of them that we've mentioned this week, obviously Crip camp is one that we want everyone to go see because to us that really, really isn't an important one.

[00:22:01] Yeah. Check it out. Yep. Another one that I really, really loved, um, that surprised me. I didn't even. Notice it was out there. This is another thing that I'm not noticing they're out there because they're not showing up on my like, things you want to watch for some reason, but it was an ad that came up while I was watching something else.

[00:22:19] Um, and it's called design for all on Hulu. It was really, really neat. Um, I think it's made by target and it was, it was really cool. It was really neat. Um, I would recommend it was just to show like how things impact all of us and how. There's a need for design to kind of change in the world. Um, and that's with closing it clothing as well as architecture, all of those things and why it's so important.

[00:22:48] So that was a really good one. I recommend everybody go take a look at that. Um, another one that is now just got picked up for a second season. So I would recommend everyone go see the first season. Cause I really, really loved it. That one, what is special on Netflix? Um, I didn't see that one here and he's out of the loop.

[00:23:09] Clearly. I sit at home and just watch things all day long. Um, But so now he's going to have to go watch all these right. Eddie. Yeah. Okay. Um, so it's called special. It's with Brian O'Connell and it's on Netflix as well. He they're getting their second season. So that's, I'm super pumped about that because so many times we see things come out and they get one season and then we don't hear about them.

[00:23:30] Again, love that they got picked up for a second season. Um, So please go watch that one. Um, it's fantastic. Not only does it represent our, the disabled community disabilities community special needs community to also represents the LBGTQ community. So it's two birds, one stone, huge representation, something you need to see.

[00:23:54] Oh, cool. Um, another one I did see, I think Eddie watch some of this with me. Loved it. So adorable. It's a perfect. What's the best word, like friendship story. Of like frenemies in like the sweetest way of two kids that really like, you know, a kid that idolized someone, but then became his friend, but also his, his not enemy, but rival competitor, it was adorable.

[00:24:24] It's called the speed. Cubers. If you've ever tried to solve a Rubik's cube, which I don't think I can solve ever. And little Edie keeps trying to get me to solve it. And I'm the worst at it. I even tried to YouTube it and, um, it's not going to happen. These guys solve it in like four seconds. Yeah. It's fascinating and amazing.

[00:24:43] It's definitely something and you want to see it. It's beautiful. It's insane. What they do you do. And it shows that, you know, everybody has an ability. That are like super abilities and that, you know, sometimes a disability can be a super ability and disability is like a dirty word sometimes. And it doesn't always sound, it sounds negative when it really should be a positive and we should be looking at it in a different way.

[00:25:12] Um, I only have a couple more I'm knowing, going through a lot, but I want everyone to go watch all these and I'll link them all in our show notes. Um, another one who is a dream guest as well. Oh, ours is Wampler is a scent it's on Amazon prime. Um, so if you don't have Hulu or Netflix, you have Amazon prime, you watch us on any of these things.

[00:25:34] Go ahead and find them. Some of these are even on YouTube. So, you know, Find them. Um, listen, if you really, really want to watch one of these, I'll give you my Netflix account to check it out. I don't even care at this point. I want you guys to see these so that representation will pay for your seven 99. I want you guys to see representation.

[00:25:48] I'm throwing that out there, but I'm not. Yeah. I was going to say, uh, wait a minute, sort crowdfund me so everyone can start watching these things, but it's called Wampler is ascent. Um, it's amazing. It's about this gentleman with CP and he runs a summer camp for kids and he helps these kids figure out, you know, how they can really accomplish things that they never thought they could accomplish.

[00:26:11] And he literally climbed and scaled a mountain. And it's insane. I cried through most of it, like a big baby. Um, which if you ask daddy. My hardest coldest stone. So tears don't come out of my face. So it was foreigner said it best, right? Here's cold. Oh yeah. Okay. That was 400 anyways, Wampler scent with Steven Wampler.

[00:26:45] Um, and he's motivating and inspiring. And the words that he says are amazing and. It ends beauty. He's beautiful. It's beautiful. You have to see it. Um, okay. Last one for today, but I'm telling you, it's not the last you're gonna hear it from me. Cause it'll be all over. Our Instagram is love on the spectrum and this one is my favorite.

[00:27:08] It was so cute. Listen. Okay. For multiple reasons. One, I love British TV, like with a passion. This one's on Netflix now, but I've been. Literally secretly watching these mini videos on like British TV, like YouTubes and things like that. Well, before this game, I think it's just called YouTube. If it's YouTube, there's no British YouTube.

[00:27:34] I was watching the British YouTube, and then I went over to the Chinese. You shut up. Okay. So whatever I was watching them. And so I've been watching like a mini. Excerpts of this show for probably a year. Like, I don't know if it's been a year, but it's been a while and now it's on Netflix so I can watch it all over again.

[00:27:52] So some of these almost like rewatching, um, it's called love on the spectrum and it's basically a combination of British TV with mixed with matchmaking, like reality TV matchmaking, the most awkward. It's amazing. It's like awkward, but great. But it's like if I went on matchmaker, I'm talking over him.

[00:28:12] Sorry. Yeah. No, but like, I'm awkward on a date, so it's like it because, well, we've been over this, but like, I literally have no filter. So it's like if you put a camera in my face on a date and then they're just showing this amazing representation of. Autism. And they even explain like how everyone with autism is different and how all of their, it is a spectrum.

[00:28:41] And each one of these, when I say characters are not character, I mean, these are, you know, each one of these. I say kids, I want to say kids because they're all very young. Each one of these kids in the episodes and you follow their journey through dating is just like such a different personality and they're on different levels of the spectrum, but they're all just.

[00:29:01] Awesome to watch. And you're like rooting for each one of them to find love with another person. And they talk about themselves in such an amazing way and their struggles finding love and who they want to fall in love with. And there's a couple, I'm not even gonna give away a spoiler, but there is one way, boy, man, he's he's young, but one male, one man on this show that I think is so cute.

[00:29:29] He just wants to love. Oh, I'm gonna stop. He's like, I'm gonna take care of her. She be a princess. He's so sweet. I can't even, I can't even, I can't, I haven't finished the whole season yet, so I can't wait to find out. I hope he falls in love with a woman. I hope on a falls in love with him. They get married.

[00:29:46] I'm out. Yes. And he's on right now. He's on dating this girl who I think is adorable. She was like a little Minnie mouse. She's so cute. And they're perfect for each other, but that's just my opinion as a matchmaker. Match me. We'll see. So go see all of these things. You're in quarantine. You have nothing else to do.

[00:30:06] Binge watch all of these amazing shows. Let all of these networks, if that's what they're called nowadays, know that you want to watch representation on screen there's streaming streaming networks. That's what they are now, right? Stream networks. Yeah. That's all there is left. So I will find more. Cause I love plenty.

[00:30:31] And we're gonna make sure that, you know, we share that with our community and please share stuff with us. If you see something amazing. Cause we love. To binge watch at night after the kids go to bed. Yeah. So she goes, I fall asleep and you fall asleep, but I watch it immediately. So moving on, um, next week's episode.

[00:30:50] Oh yeah, really, really fun resource. Well, this one's going to be cool. Yeah. So if anyone knows us, they know that we love our off-road vehicle. Um, and by side, my Honda pioneer 700. Oh, Oh. So, uh, make sure you go out and get yourself a Honda. Um, we, we do really love our off-road vehicle. We have a lot of fun with it.

[00:31:16] Um, it's a great time. And. It, we, we feel like when we're driving and we're just like, this is a blast. Yeah. So next week's episode she's holding on for dear life. No, but next week's episode guest, um, we're not gonna give away too much, but we really, if you're anything like us where you're like, Adrenaline junkies or love the outdoors, or really liked to just get out into the wilderness.

[00:31:46] Um, this is a great resource for you. Um, they have a great way to bring mobility and off-roading together in the same place. And. It is so cool. They're so cool. Um, can't wait to bring you this resource next week. If you are, are part of our newsletter, you do get a sneak peek of who our guest is next week.

[00:32:08] So it is definitely worth checking on our newsletter and jumping on, um, just hint. So, and you can sign up for our newsletter right on our web Plug maybe mirror. Yeah. So go get it. I gotta do. I gotta get that program to inner thing. No more appropriate. Yeah. So we've got the bag of topics.

[00:32:38] You loved the topic, topic bag, go on just like three minutes less whiny now. So I guess we can just do three minutes, four minutes. We can do one and he's rant. All right. My attorneys are

[00:32:52] okay. See, I just know generally about stuff. That's why it's like, what is it? Does it, it probably does for us, this is perfect for us because our person, our guests for next week. His resource you can use in the forest. So I like this. This is great. Okay. Well, no, let's talk about the forest. All right. How do we all knew it was always on fire.

[00:33:19] Did anybody. Has anybody researched? What happened? Did that go well? Is that still okay? Did the fucking firewall the fires go out and then they go out and then more fires come up. Are you asking him? He shouldn't be on fire is the thing. So either Chicago. But like those fires, California has like droughts and stuff like that.

[00:33:41] So a lot of time because that mountain, the Rocky mountain blind stops all that moisture from getting to that side. No, why? I feel like, I feel like this isn't a topic we should talk about unless we do some research. Of the magic school bus told me specifically. Okay. That the reason there are deserts is there's mountain ranges before those deserts that stopped the moisture from going out to do, you know, there's some way more to why there's forest fires in California, like way more, but whatever a lot.

[00:34:12] Yeah. So we can't even get into all that right now, forest as a dope forest. Oh my God. I don't know what that is. So one of the oldest trees is in Sweden. It's like 9,000 years old. I think you make these facts up. No means accurate. Just target me and Zach were just talking about it the other day throughout the believe his name out.

[00:34:32] You have to ask that. So, um, but no, we should just cause it would be funny. And uh, so one of the oldest trees is 9,000 years old. Okay. Well I think both you and him make up facts. I don't think in the book, put the book. Where did he have a book and his parents like a PDF? Yeah. Okay. For real. Yes, dude. I can show you the whole, they still have the collection of encyclopedia Britannica.

[00:35:02] I like the ease. I'm sure you can buy from him. Free, easy payments of nine 95, a Twitter. Can you add encyclopedia Britannica or like, can you add them at like Instagram? Do you think they have like, they're still like a business? Oh, maybe. Oh, we should check it out. I'm gonna check right now. Hang on fact check fact check, go back to forest.

[00:35:23] Yeah, you can just rant, like I'm checking about encyclopedia while we're here. Well, no, cause I put forests in there too. Cause I wanted to talk about my, one of my personal dreams was to be a. Scientists in the, uh, you know, Amazon rainforest. So it did break my heart when was burning, but, um, I like trees.

[00:35:45] They have their own Twitter. That's dope. We need to follow I'm following them right now. Everyone go follow them. Okay. They even have like, they post facts on their Twitter. Really? Yeah. Do you want to know. You want to know one, let's do one, let's pull another thing and you're gonna pull a fact about that.

[00:36:08] Well, I can't search it on their Twitter. Like the fact that you're lying, this doesn't work like Twitter works. That's not how Twitter works. Oh, this one says cartoons. No, that's not how Twitter works. You're ruining this. When did the difference between they said that's hot. Get it, learn more about the death Valley.

[00:36:31] Oh shit. That's funny. What's your favorite holiday? Did you not hear what I just said? All right. We're going to move on and say goodbye because we're hitting our time limit. Okay. We're not going to keep doing your facts. I'm in a whiny mode. Remember? Ah, well we'll be back next week. Well, I will maybe Christine won't in a much better mood everybody, and we love you so much.

[00:37:00] Yeah. I love everyone else that doesn't live in this house. I do I have stickers in the freezer. Do you want my stickers? Do you almost just

[00:37:13] he's very close to telling wine here. We sleeping on the couch in the moment. Oh my gosh. I would love to. Well, I'll make it for you. Have a great night listener. Bye guys.  well, thank you so much for listening. We really hope you enjoyed this episode as always, please make sure you share with a friend and leave a review.

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