Sept. 6, 2020

Special About Special Minisode #3

This week we chatted about what return to school looks like in our household. It's a little different this school year thanks to COVID. We've decided to opt into a Virtual Homeschool and leave our brick and mortar system for the year. Adding some new challenges and systems to the household and to Kristin's routines. She's now working at home making her a full time at home employee and a full time at home mom with 2 kids schooling at home! This should be interesting! We're sharing with you what's working and what's not! We also recapped last week's episode with Todd Lemay from Terrain Hopper and praised how much we loved this product and this interview! Enjoy the episode and can't wait to share what's to come!

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Hi guys, we're back with another addition to our mini Sode series. Uh, you know, the drill, we'll be talking a little bit about our lives and all that fun stuff, previous episodes. So, you know, get the China out. Get ready for that too. Please remember if you love this episode to leave a review and share the episode with a friend.

So we started school this week. How has that been going? It's going real quick, real quick. I do want to recap. It's not that like on Mia and not. Helping out. I've just been working like onsite. So, um, yeah, it's been, so we started school.

[00:01:42] It's a new version of school for us. I mean, as it's been, I think it's a new version of school for everyone right now, but like ex UN what's the word? Not extraordinary. A especially having a really rough night guys. I'm extremely tired. Um, it's especially different for us because we're not just doing distance learning.

[00:02:05] Um, from our normal brick and mortar school, we've switched over to homeschooling homeschooling. And a different version of homeschooling than the typical homeschool. So we're doing a virtual homeschool. Um, so it's like a hybrid model of homeschool. Um, but not like your typical brick and mortar virtual distance learning.

[00:02:29] It's, um, pretty involved, more involved than I thought I would be in the education process. I'm just hoping it eases up a little. So the what's the average day so far, so far? Yeah, long. Um, so the kids start out about seven 30, eight o'clock and they have to like log in to there. I mean when they've only done a couple of days.

[00:02:55] So it's been a little bit about that. Yeah. Of like certain times they absolutely have to be at like in a glass. Yeah. So they have to be in a classroom at a specific time and then they have to. The only certain times they have like set, like our middle schooler has more of those classrooms. Yeah. Because just like in middle school, you move from like science to social studies to math, you'll see different teachers.

[00:03:24] So those are set on her calendar. They have like a set calendar. And so like Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10, she sees science and you know, so that's set up and they have like hour long. Virtual classrooms. And then she has assignments set in there, which I thought would be kind of just like refreshers. And then she would do like a quiz afterwards or, um, of the stuff they learned in the virtual class.

[00:03:52] But these are even, they're just more additional learning. So she has to take a lot of notes and she's, I think some has her just. Figuring out a system for herself. So it's taking a lot longer, definitely looked a little overwhelming. Um, so I think what, what normally would probably be like an hour long assignment is taking her like four hours right now because she's, I think in defense of the school, she loves systems and organization and she.

[00:04:25] Tends to overdo that. Yeah. So she's taking notes like with colored pens and rewriting her notes and organizing them bulleted. And then she's got a whiteboard where she's color coding that. And then she redid that like three times the first day. So that's adding a lot of extra time, which I had. I had an idea that that would happen because that's her mindset.

[00:04:49] She has some executive functioning.

[00:04:54] Yeah. And so she it's like, Whoa, we either have all a all or nothing. Right. So there has zero organization skills or she over does it. And so I'm giving her some time to kind of figure out what's going to work for her. And I'm hoping she settles in by like the second week, the end of the second week. Um, it's a little tough, cause we're only doing like three days the first week and then they do four days the next week.

[00:05:15] Cause the holiday. And then after that, I think she'll start to kind of get into a group. Yeah. Our youngest is having a little easier time. His distance learning. Yeah, I would imagine he likes the computer. He likes that well in that setting and the distance learning he had at the end of the school semester last year through his brick and mortar was very similar to what he's doing now with the school.

[00:05:39] Um, with the exception of. Just the larger workload. So he, he, I think he'll do fine. Um, both of them need a lot of my assistance right now, but from what I understand from this school that will ease up, you know, by next week, like once they figure out how they, how to use everything, which is necessary because I work full time.

[00:06:05] From home right now. So I can't stop every 20 minutes and go run up there and help them with an assignment. They need to be able to kind of work independently at some point soon. Yeah. Right. So this is a huge change, you know, to our household. Um, from when we talk about the old or the traditional dropping kids off at school that we had working for us, um, I think that was, I mean, I'm there for granted what distance learning with brick and mortar schools looks like, because that must be, I mean, I'm sure that's going to be a struggle for parents as well.

[00:06:44] These children I'm sure are going to need some. Guidance from somebody, especially the younger kids right there at home. So I'm curious to see how that works for brick and mortar. And I mean, I made a commitment in this school to say, yes, I will be available and they call it a learning coach. I'll be available as a learning coach for most of my students in both my kids.

[00:07:06] So I'm not a teacher, I'm not teaching them, but I am assisting them with any needs that they have with the brick and mortar. You're not signing up for that. Right. Yeah. You're not really as involved and stuff and the occasional homework assignment. And I mean, you, you pay your taxes and your kids go to school and you have a teacher and you work.

[00:07:28] I mean, a lot of people I'm work. I'm lucky enough that I work from home right now. That is I'm sure not the case for most parents or a lot of parents. And I'm not sure what people are doing. I can't imagine this has got to be a very difficult time. I have no judgment on whatever choice people are making.

[00:07:44] Well, there's the hybrid model of people sending their kid child to school, um, or not. I mean, we made a decision. We made, we made this choice, not based on what we believe is right or wrong for the whole. We just made it based on what was right for our children's learning style or specific. We just didn't feel that what our school system had to offer was the right learning style for our children.

[00:08:10] Just at this time and I was available to do this, which if I wasn't, we might've had to make a different choice. Well, I think that's huge just that we just have that ability, you know, we're very fortunate. Yes. That we have an option. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't, I don't have any judgment on anyone that makes a different choice or has, I mean, I just think we're in an impossible time where school systems are, it's impossible for them to make the right decision.

[00:08:35] It's impossible for parents to make the right decision. It's going to be impossible for students to learn. Hopefully they learn. Well, but I don't know how that's going to work. Yeah. So we talked about, you know, um, things are going to like balance out in those next couple of weeks. So, uh, you know, uh, building routines, uh, you know, what, what have we started?

[00:08:58] Um, what are you going to inform me of. So for both kids, it's different. I mean, they both have their own specific needs. Um, I think every kid has their own specific needs and learning styles. Our kids have some specific ones. Um, so we've set some, some things in place and, and there will be some things in place going forward for our youngest.

[00:09:22] Um, he has trouble sitting still and focusing, yeah. As most eight year olds do. And he has. Some extra ones, as far as keeping his body still. Um, so sitting in a, in front of a computer and learning for multiple hours at a time can be very daunting for him. So we got him a wiggle chair to sit in, which was graciously donated to us from a friend because they're not cheap.

[00:09:48] And then she was a previous guest, so we got a wiggle chair donated to us. And then, um, and that's been huge. It's funny. I could hear it on the floor when I'm like downstairs working. I can just, all I hear it. I sound like he's falling off a chair, but he's really just wiggling in it. And, um, but that does work well that rocking that, that subtle, right.

[00:10:10] Cause if you could imagine it's plastic on wood all day long, but the, the chair itself has like this, uh, con heavy concave or convex, uh, kind of X bottom. So that way it's, it's kind of like a Mister wobble. Yes, Hi-Fi science is not your best. So, um, that, that thing is pretty awesome. And it's got like little grooves, little notches for his feet and like heels to fit in.

[00:10:37] And so it's great. And it's actually a great PT and OT for him as well. It kind of doubles as that because it strengthens his core, which he needs. And it, he has to balance, which is something he needs for that kid is. Yeah. But he needs his core more than anything and it helps us balance, which is huge for him.

[00:10:56] Um, so it kind of doubling us two things and then, and, and he's, he is gonna lose out on some PT and OT. Just by not being in a brick and mortar school, even though I will say that this homeschool virtual school is public and they are offering him his IEP services as well. So we're very, again, very fortunate there, but they're going to be modified a little bit because you know, he's not going to see an OT or PT at the time.

[00:11:23] Yeah. Um, so. You know, I'm taking some of that on as well to make sure that he has everything he needs. Um, we also are incorporating break time. I make sure that they have a break time in between some of their lessons so that they can get up, get moving, eat something. Um, I think it's really important that they're just staring at that computer all day.

[00:11:44] And I will say the school's really good about making sure that their lessons do not incorporate just sitting in front of computer all day long. Right. Um, so some of their lessons are really creative where like they have to do 150 hours, minimum of exercise. Nice. Which is a lot. Well, I actually, I remember one of her conversations was about, um, like.

[00:12:09] All of the items that were, yeah. And it was just this extremely long laundry list of like, Oh my, of anything and everything where it's like, you're baking soda, rubber bands, staples, Stabler, like heaven, like. A grape to apples, like, and it's all because there's all of these different, of course you can imagine, like your kids doing activities and stuff.

[00:12:37] Like for the year, you're going to plant a seed. You're going to do all these things. So you need all those.  like I did. Um, I learned that from 40 year old Virgin. Thank you. So it's pretty cool. Uh, it was pretty funny. Like I was laughing like all the different things and they were like, you don't necessarily, Oh yeah.

[00:12:58] Like I don't need to buy it all to like a paper. One was just like a paper clip. I need all papers, single clip on nail, but yes, it's, um, I like that there is. They all have these creative options for learning that are separate from just staring at the computer. Um, so there's that there's, you know, there's a lot of, there's more than just like get exercise.

[00:13:22] It's very creative. Like they, it's not just like, Oh, you have to do this. You'll have to play basketball. They can get really creative on how they exercise. So it's just a lot of different things. So we're incorporating those for older child. Um, Like I said, there's some executive function things going on.

[00:13:38] So I'm giving her a little freedom in the beginning to come up with some systems on her own and use those systems that she feels comfortable. So the way she takes notes, the whiteboard, we have a cork board. We're going to have a household whiteboard as well. That tells them what time they get breaks.

[00:13:54] She really thrives on knowing what's coming in a clear schedule. So if we say at 10 o'clock, this has happening. At nine o'clock, this is happening at noon. You have this, she thrives on that. If it's unknown and it's like, we're going to get to that. At some point, it makes her very anxious. And so we're going to be making it as clear as possible.

[00:14:17] Um, With clear expectations that there may be changes. Uh, another thing that we are incorporating here because they are home. We want to make sure that they understand that there's responsibilities here. Just like there's responsibilities at school responsibilities at school, you have to clean up the room.

[00:14:32] You have to make sure you are doing specific things to help that teacher. You can't just like drop your bag wherever you feel like it. You can't just leave your stuff around. Um, so we have been very lax. This summer? Yes. So let's, we're going to talk about chores, right? We're gonna talk about giving them chores.

[00:14:49] These kids are gonna get duties. Do you have responsibilities in this next, this summer when it came to responsibilities? Because I was working full-time from home, it was new. I didn't really have time to even. Think straight when COVID hit, I just went straight to working full-time and throwing them in front of the video games or whatever.

[00:15:09] Right. So my bad there, um, we, that also just stressed me out when I came up at five o'clock and done from work and the house looked like a bomb went off and there was like food wrappers everywhere and just a mess. And. Toys. And so they need, they're going to be held responsible for at least cleaning up after themselves and doing one chore a day, which I don't think is asking too much.

[00:15:32] Um, and so that will be on that whiteboard and there'll be clear directions and expectations, and then they'll have break time to use their devices and things that they need. Cause I do think that's important. Um, that they get that freedom to chill out, just like we do. You know, we take a minute to look at our phones and social media or whatever we want to do.

[00:15:50] They should be able to take a minute to chat with a friend or play roadblocks or do whatever they feel is right. So that's what we're looking at doing. Um, the only outliner is what it's gonna look like with me working from home full time, which is a new for me. And you not being in the home and their kids being in school.

[00:16:16] So that's kind of a Neal thing for us. So I'm interested in seeing how that would work because I'm not someone who's used to. Being a stay-at-home mom. I enjoy working outside the home. I enjoy working for them time. Right. Um, really, really it's nice, good for my mental health to be able to get out and work.

[00:16:39] And I like the fact, I like me when I am that person. I like being a working mom. It's part of my identity, but I'm a working mom now, but really I'm not. So it's strange. Yeah. Um, it's a little overwhelming and tiring. You're still working on, I mean, I'm still a working mom, but I'm not because I'm here. I'm not outside the home, forced to stay at home, stay at home mom working full time.

[00:17:10] So I'm balancing both at the exact same time. So it is a little stressful. I mean, I'm not just like working where I'm typing all day long. Like I'm, I'm in a meeting here and there and my answering the phone all day long. And so I can't really just like be interrupted. So it's a strange dynamic. That we're going to have to figure out, so you'll get it.

[00:17:29] Yeah. So that's what things are looking like for us. I'm curious to hear what things are looking like for our listeners schools starting around the country. And most places it's already started school is starting around the globe. Uh, we do have listeners all around the world. Yeah. By the way. Thank you everyone.

[00:17:48] I just want to say for a second, take a moment and think. Everybody that listens. We are really surprised. We kind of just thought that only like our friends and family would listen to this and we are super shocked and amazed that we have listeners like all across the world. Not just like in a couple countries in countries that.

[00:18:08] I mean some countries I've never even heard of. So if you're a robot, thanks to, I don't really think there's robots listening to us. We're not that special, but there's so many countries that are listening to us and I don't think they're robots, cause it will seem to multiple episodes. And so we've got some binge listeners.

[00:18:26] In other countries. So just thank you to all of you, please. If you are a listener that is not in the new England area and someone who's a friend or family member, please reach out to us on social media and do a shout out, let us know where you're from and that you've been listening. And if you like the show, cause we'd love to interact with you.

[00:18:45] I think it's really, really cool that we have so many. Yeah, different people listening to us and that we're bringing these resources. So thank you for that. She is she, uh, uh, how many languages you get into it? You start to pronouncing things wrong and insulting everybody. You don't know. You're just crossing us, everybody.

[00:19:05] We're just, we're horrible people. Okay. Oh, I did. I did want to ask you, yeah. Moving on. Um, how was, uh, your, your little appearance there? Oh, I was on another podcast. I was a guest on a podcast, which is we flipped. We kind of flipped the table. Flip, turn the table, flip the what is it? What's the table flip the tie.

[00:19:30] I don't know what, well, you guys, I don't know what it is. So we turn the tide a little bit. I was on, I was a guest on another episode on another podcast. Um, called the well a mother's journey and really excited that I was able to do that we had Tejana digs on our app on our podcast, a few episodes back, and she was kind enough to ask if I would be a guest on hers.

[00:19:55] And I was really happy to, um, it was able to speak about our journey with both of our children. Yeah. Um, and just how different it was for both kids, how difficult it was to let go, because your birth plan doesn't always go the way that you plan and, um, what postpartum looked like for me. Um, the difficulties that I had, the positives that came out of it for me, um, just all of that was a really, really happy.

[00:20:26] Um, I hope it went well. What did you think you listened to? Well, no, I thought it was really cool was that we listened to it in the car with the kids, which was awesome, but it was a really, really good episode. Um, just shows how full of myself, honestly, I'm just jealous, uh, you know, that she got to be on that episode.

[00:20:48] Why are you jealous to be about, you know, she was just a great guest. She's awesome. I feel like we're like best friends forever. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, it was great. So I guess you can definitely be a reoccurring guest check out that as well. I mean, not that we don't want you in love you listening to us, but it's a great podcast and yeah.

[00:21:11] She deserves a love. Um, it's a fantastic podcast for a parent or a mother. It's amazing if you're a new mom. Um, she speaks so lovely and I mean, honestly, some of her episodes I'm like, I could listen to this and just fall asleep to her voice. It's so calming. And it's like having a therapist in your ear.

[00:21:29] It's amazing. So listen to it, especially if you're a new mom or if you're even not a new mom, but you're struggling. It's definitely. Uh, great. Listen. Um, yeah, so that was this week. We had a great week. Yeah. Can we

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[00:22:31] So to talk a little bit about last week's episode, we hope you were, had a chance to listen to it. Um, we wanted to kind of recap it a little bit. We had toddler may from terrain hopper, USA,

[00:22:45] like it needs like a Denta from tree and happy you were saying. Um, it was, it was. Awesome. Let me work with it a little bit. All right. You want it now or now? No, no, you gonna come back to it. You got gotta come back to it. Yeah, you can think about it and come back to the song if you'd like, Oh, okay. In a later episode next three weeks.

[00:23:14] You're just gonna sing it. Great. Okay. Let me know when you're ready. Um, we'll put that down. We'll lay that track down. Don't write it down. Yeah. Um, so toddler may was awesome. His resource might be one of our favorites or they know it's one of mine. Um, just because we love, we have a side-by-side we love having like an all-terrain vehicle that we can take everywhere and use it to get out in the wilderness, use it to be, you know, Go for miles and miles.

[00:23:50] What I really want to do is like, take it out and go camping with it. If we go, we travel out and we do that like 150 mile loop where we camp out somewhere and just keep going. It would be so sick. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's in, so terrain hopper for those that haven't heard the episode yet, please go listen to it.

[00:24:07] Pause us right now. Goal is start listening to it, come back to us later. Um, but if you did listen, we'll still be here chatting and talking to ourselves. Um, but it is an all-terrain mobility vehicle. Is that the right way to say it? It's an off-roading it's an off roading mobility vehicle. Um, it literally goes everywhere.

[00:24:32] It is motorized. So it's not something that, you know, anyone can use it and it can actually go anywhere that you can. It is a wheelchair essentially. So let's talk about that. Cause I think that was one of the coolest things about it. Best feature on that they look, no matter, like you can deck it out to your car, to your specifications, like there's a lot of different combinations.

[00:24:57] You can have, um, to make this work, but every wheel has its own motor. So four wheel drive, like a true field, four wheel drive, not just like, you know, four by four where, well, I think the cool, the coolest part that I thought, like you just mentioned is this is. Compliant as a mobility vehicle. So there's no limits to where you can take it.

[00:25:20] You can use it as a wheelchair if needed in certain areas. So you're not going to go to the best part I loved about it is, you know, I kept thinking, you know, we live in new England. A lot of people go to Hampton beach, you can take this thing down on the beach. Onto the boardwalk. If, if you can, I'm sure if you can get it into a store there.

[00:25:39] Well, I don't know how accessible, but like if it's an accessible area you're allowed to take this any we're a pedestrian can go. That was like the keywords juggle up. So on a hiking trail, that pedestrians are going, if you can't take an ATV, You can take this. Yeah. And you'll absolutely have buy if you go, which you will absolutely go listen to that episode if you haven't heard already.

[00:26:01] But when we talk about going to the beach, it gives you definitely a new perspective on what that means. Oh, and let me tell you what we saw firsthand. We didn't even talk about this, but what we saw firsthand this weekend, Just this week, we went to the beach with Eddie. We typically don't worry too much about how he's going to get around or where he's going to be able to get to or accessibility for him because he's mobile.

[00:26:29] He can I say he's mobile always sounds like a phone. You know, his mobility. Well, you know, he can go anywhere. He's got unlimited. His mobility is good. He usually uses his wheelchair for long distances. So we weren't, you're not usually too worried, but we took him to the beach on Monday and it came off the heels of a three-day bounce house for him.

[00:26:57] He was very tired, very sore. And we got to the beach and looked. Out the parking lot. And there was this, it's not a boardwalk, it's like a track, I guess it's a boardwalk, it's a walkway, but it's yeah, it had to have been a boardwalk file. At least maybe a month. It had to been at least a half a mile, probably a quarter mile, a quarter mile is pretty, pretty soon.

[00:27:25] It felt like a mile. So, and it's just this, uh, you know, I'm about 10 foot wide. Wooden walkway that travels over our Marsh and then down to the beach. And then once you're on the beach, you have to now get through the beach way. So we just looked up and thought, this is going to be a nightmare. We consider taking the wheelchair, but once you're on the beach where you can do with the wheelchair, we can't leave it behind at the edge of the beach and it's not going to go through the beach.

[00:27:52] So we left it behind. He made it, it took us a while to get to the beach, but once we got there, we were good. Yeah. And loaded. He was exhausted by the end of the day, I ended up carrying him all the way back to the car. He weighs. He's not like guys and I am not strong. So it was exhausting the whole time he kept saying, you're hurting my bum.

[00:28:20] And you're, you don't know how to carry me. I was like, well, you weigh a ton, so it's not, you know, it's something that's not, you know, I think accessibility is something that's not always thought about. They think, Oh, well we have a ramp. Yeah. It was technically a ramp. And you can use it to get from a to B.

[00:28:40] So once you get to the, yeah, once you get to the beach, the sand, nobody. Is able to take a wheelchair onto the sand. So I don't know what accessibility who's this as helping. Um, but this terrain hopper will take you right onto the sand into the water. I mean, to all, it was just amazing. It was great.

[00:29:01] Anyways, it was fantastic. And we kept saying, Oh, if we only, if we only had a terrain hopper. We could have made this whole Trek a lot easier. Yeah. So, I mean, I think we're going to have to, I don't know, take out another mortgage or hitch and then we'll kind of loaded all of our stuff on there too. And I went and had it, so that was great.

[00:29:24] You know, consider the train hopper. I want to see a second asset that I think was fantastic. That Todd brought up is this is not just being used by people with disabilities in the community. Any one of the community can use us. They see people that have bad knees, people that, you know, anybody that has older, anyone that just is now seeing themselves in a position where they're not getting around as easily.

[00:29:51] They used to love hiking, and now they can't hike the same. Maybe they had knee surgery, hip surgery, you know, they have a new hip and they still want to go for a hike. This terrain hopper solves that problem. A lot of people, I think we're living in an age now. People are living longer. You've got baby boomers.

[00:30:10] Still getting out there exploring, you know, hiking, people are hitting retirement and they're really enjoying their retirement. This is a perfect opportunity to do that with something like this. So yeah. You know, we're really pushing this one. I know we're talking about it a lot, but we, we really love talking to Todd.

[00:30:30] We really love the terrain hopper and I mean, we're not getting anything out of this. We just really want to make sure everyone. Enjoys this resource. So we'll move on from that. Um, and just let you go and let you guys go listen to it. We want to also let you guys know that for the next we got some really exciting episodes coming up.

[00:30:49] Oh yeah. Amazing. Amazing guests. One of them. I know. I keep saying this when it talks to, when we talk about people, I am excited to talk to, um, this one person I met this one person. I'm not even going to give it away. I'm just going to give you a, I'm just going to tell you that this one person I have had a passion, hint, hint for talking to ever.

[00:31:19] And the thing is that's a little tricky here is that I connected with her completely oblivious to who she was, all of those things we connected on a whole mommy level. And I love her. I love what she's got to offer as a resource. I love who she is. I love what she's doing. She's she lives kind of nearby to us, which is super exciting because my hope is that we become best friends forever.

[00:31:49] I know, I don't care. I love her. And so she's an upcoming guest. I'm really excited for you guys to listen to what she's got to offer it and her resource to the community. Um, some of you have probably even used it, which is really exciting. I know we had, um, we've got. Another resource or resource, I guess you could say that's coming up, um, who put tears into Eddie's eyes.

[00:32:15] It was so hit home, right to your heart when you watch it and you get to know this person. I can't wait to speak with them. Get that one out. Stop. I'm not going to tell him if you eat surprises, you just ruin it for everybody else, man, it's going to be a surprise. It's going to be awesome. Sorry. I can't trust us.

[00:32:39] There's going to be time in between. Where are they gonna fit in this stuff? I won't say anymore. We've got some really big surprises coming up. No, one's going to know they're going to want to listen to find out. Well, you guys tell us, do you want surprises or do you want it? A sneak peek. And tell me, I want to know you guys have homework this week.

[00:33:00] One, you have to chat with us on social media and tell us where are you from? Where are you listening from? That's number one? Cause we know you're all over the place. Where are you at? And number two, do you want our upcoming guests to be a surprise? Or do you want a sneak peek? You've got homework. I want to hear about it.

[00:33:17] Like, but when you say sneak peaks, like you're saying like a couple of weeks or a few weeks in advance, like sneak peaks are cool. Like we can advance. Okay. Well, we'll see guys. We'll definitely give you a sneak peek. If you go down our newsletter, that's a little plug. Get on the newsletter. If you want to hear about what's upcoming.

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