Oct. 2, 2020

Minisode #2

Minisode #2

This week we didn’t have anything planned for our minisode but we decided to record anyways and see what happened. I wasn’t my best self going in and you know what, that’s OK. Being a special needs parent can be hard sometimes. Being a parent can be hard, you know what, being a wife can be hard. It’s all just hard sometimes. This day, I was burnt out and had very little energy for the whining and “parenting” needed from me. So, I was a bit bratty towards everyone. I had no excuse. As we started recording I figured I should just fess up on record. So to all the mothers and parents out there having a bad day, it’s okay. It does NOT make you a bad parent or a bad spouse. It’s just that, a bad day. Plus, and this IS going to be an unpopular opinion but embrace it. Sometimes, we need to lean into it for a day or two as long as we are remembering to be as kind as we can. I’m still reminding myself of that. Sometimes I lean in a little too much, so, here’s to learning.

We also recapped our awesome guest last week and how much fun we had speaking with him. We also made some recommendations for some great binge-worthy TV and films that we’ve been watching lately that have great representation. Please check out the list below! We’ll be adding to the list on our instastory highlights as often as we can and are looking for more recommendations! So let us know!

TV and Movies we Recommend -

  • Crip Camp - Netflix
    Design for All - Hulu
    Special - Netflix
    The Speed Cubers - Netflix
    Wampler’s Ascent - Amazon Prime
    Love on the Spectrum - Netflix

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