Oct. 2, 2020

Todd Lemay | Off-Roading + Mobility = Amazing!

Todd Lemay | Off-Roading + Mobility = Amazing!

What a fun treat we had this week. Our guest Todd Lemay is the President of Terrain Hopper USA and if you haven’t seen this amazing resource than you are in for a treat as well. Little Eddie was able to try it out last year at the Abilities Expo in Boston and LOVED IT! This isn’t the typical mobility device you see. It’s such an opportunity for freedom. Terrain Hopper is an Off-Roading Mobility Vehicle. It’s the Rolls Royce of mobility vehicles. Let’s imagine for a moment, you are in a situation where you need some sort of mobility device to get around, you are suddenly limited as to what you can access. You look everywhere for a way to get around and continue to enjoy the things you did before you had limited access. Maybe you loved the outdoors and hiking, maybe you love the sand and the beach. Whatever it might be you can no longer enjoy these activities the way you did before. Everything is limited or you can’t access them at all. Now you come across a resource like the Terrain Hopper, it’s amazing. Not only can you access all of the places you once did, you can do it in style. This week we spoke with Todd and heard his personal story and how he became a part of Terrain Hopper family and how others with disabilities and without are using the vehicle.

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